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Emu Oil Arthritis Benefits

The emu is a native Australian bird that contains an oil (byfat product) that’s been used to treat many bodily ailments. The healing benefits of emu oil were discovered by the Australian aborigines about 40,000 years ago. At that time, the Aborigines used emu oil for treatment of rashes, cuts and scrapes, as well as pain associated with sprains and torn muscles. The salve proved to heal wounds faster and reduce pain associated with aging.

Today, the beneficial uses of emu oil are known globally. This hypo-allergenic oil penetrates all five layers of epidermis on the body. It absorbs quickly, providing (EFA) - essential fatty acids Omega-3 & Omega-6, to sore muscles and stiff joints. Emu oil has been researched extensively in laboratories across the world.

Some of the newest natural treatments include emu oil arthritis treatments. Thus far, arthritis patients across the world have claimed the oil has outstanding positive results. Pains commonly associated with arthritis, including aching, soreness and inflammation are reportedly reduced drastically.

Arthritic pain is caused by continuous friction of bones rubbing against one another. This rubbing causes crippling pain and discomfort of the limbs and extremities. Many emu oil arthritis studies suggest that this natural oil is a better ant-inflammatory than prescribed medications, as the topical application of emu oil eliminates all inflammation caused by arthritis.

Since emu oil arthritis treatments have been so successful, the Australia Department of Health has successfully classified emu oil as a pharmaceutical product. It is now registered in Australia’s Therapeutic Goods’ Registry.

Studies show that emu oil arthritis remedies act similarly to a analgesic treatments by - comforting sore muscles and stiff joints. Nevertheless, emu oil arthritis treatments do not have any of the negative side effects commonly associated with analgesics.

Emu oil arthritis clinical studies give hope to arthritis sufferers around the world. It’s pain reliving properties offer a significant reduction in aching and soreness associated with arthritis. Physicians and medical researchers alike can not dispute the benefits that emu oil treatments have given their patients. It’s efficacy offers an exciting alternative treatment for sufferers around the globe.

In addition to being helpful in reducing pain in arthritis patients, emu oil can help with hair loss as well as help reduce stretch marks.