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Emu Oil & Hair Loss

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Over the centuries, there have been many different hair loss remedies. Some of them have been successful, while others proved to be a waste of time. Hair loss is not a new occurrence. Balding has occurred to many great powerful men since the beginning of time. Nevertheless, hair loss can take a mental and emotional toll on anyone who is experiencing it’s effects.

A man's testosterone is transformed into what's commonly referred to as DHT (dihydratestosterone). As time progresses, DHT causes hair follicles to disintegrate. Eventually, most of a man's hair follicles will die. Nevertheless, most men that are prematurely balding or thinning experience a shrinkage of the hair follicles, which results in poor growth or thin hair that breaks easily.

Studies show that emu oil and hair loss work magnificently when paired together. Emu oil is a natural oil which includes the properties: essential fatty acids Omega-3 & Omega-6. Emu oil is an all natural tissue nutrient that penetrates the skin, promoting cell regeneration. Emu oil and hair loss prove to be the most successful combination in modern alternative treatment breakthroughs. Emu oil “awakens” hair follicles that seem to be sleeping, retired, or dead.

The hair that once appeared dead and damaged experiences a rebirth, resulting in hair re-growth. Essentially, the follicles which were shrunken and degenerating are revitalized by this topic oil. Emu oil and hair loss prove to be a duo that work quite well together.

Extensive research has been conducted on emu oil and hair loss. The results have been conclusive: emu oil does have healing properties that benefit men and women experiencing hair loss. Take for instance several studies at the Boston University School of Medicine on emu oil and hair loss.

Groups of men were divided. One group received emu oil treatments to the scalp while the other group was treated with corn oil. Astonishingly, the emu oil and hair loss patients experienced a 20% increase in growth activity on skin that received emu oil. No patients reported any kind of unpleasant side-effects. Emu oil is a safe natural hypoallergenic treatments that’s applied topically.